Harlinsdale Farm

Message from the 2023 President

Brigitte Hubbard, 2023 President

Hello Chestnuts!

I hope you have enjoyed this festive season, and that your new year is off to a great start! What a terrific year 2022 was for our group, and with our capable and caring board, fabulous partners, and an excited and engaged membership, the stage is set for continued success in 2023.

We are looking forward to so much this year: an exciting first show to benefit Shelby Park and Bottoms in April, followed by a special show in November to benefit Friends of Radnor Lake, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of Radnor Lake State Park. There will be ample opportunity to paint for each show, and we will also be hosting “regional” paint outs throughout the year in various parts of middle Tennessee. Be on the lookout for emails announcing upcoming paint outs, and keep your eye on our Facebook Chestnuts Members Page for last minute opportunities. As always, posting on the Facebook members page is encouraged if you are heading out to paint and would like some company – so much is better enjoyed together!

There will be several fun and informative events this year, including two membership meetings, a summer party, the holiday party, as well as many exciting educational events and workshops. Please mark your calendar today for the first of these: “Night with the Masters” event on March 2, 2023 – you won’t want to miss this very special evening, as members Dawn Whitelaw, Roger Dale Brown, and Anne Blair Brown discuss their paths, paintings, plans, and hearts. Secure your tickets TODAY.

Several of you have approached me to share how much The Chestnut Group means to you, which means a lot to me. I have thought a lot over the years about what our group means to me: a place to learn and grow as an artist, the opportunity to show and sell paintings, an avenue to teach and share. I have had hilarious, perilous, and epic experiences, laughed and cried, and in the process, have been blessed with dear lifelong friends – to think it all started with a paint out! We have all started somewhere on this plein air journey – if you’re new, please jump in, if not, thank you for the memories! I’d love to hear how membership in The Chestnut Group has impacted you, as well as your thoughts and ideas for the future. There will be opportunity to share feedback throughout the year, and I hope you will.

Speaking of membership… January marks the time to renew yours! We can be so proud to be one of the largest, most vibrant plein air groups in the country, and what makes us so is you, our members. Membership is truly valuable for every artist in The Chestnut Group, no matter your skill level, or experience, even if you’re new to plein air painting or to middle Tennessee. Please click HERE to renew. Please note that the option to give an additional amount is available and so appreciated, as we are a nonprofit organization, running entirely on membership dues, donations, and a portion of our show sales. Also, please take a minute to update your artist profile while you’re logged in to the site. Click the Members tab, then ‘update my profile.’ We would love to have your updated information, links to your social media, as well as current images of your work to benefit you and the group.

The Chestnut Group has given so much to me; I hope that you too find a home here, a place of camaraderie, confidence, artistic growth, adventure, and joy. I am honored to serve as your president in 2023.

Here’s to a fantastic year,

Brigitte Hubbard

CLICK HERE: https://chestnutgroup.org/renew-membership/

To learn more about our organization and JOIN us, CLICK HERE: https://chestnutgroup.org/join