Harlinsdale Farm

Recent Community Partner Projects

Speaking for the Trees

The Chestnut Group continues to partner with the Nashville Tree Conservation Corps (NTCC) in our efforts to elevate the awareness of the importance of saving our local tree canopy and in advocating for more effective tree codes. In September of 2020, we staged a “Speaking for the Trees” exhibit with the Gordon Jewish Community Center that featured Chestnut paintings of local trees. 

Despite the Covid restraints, the exhibit was well received and was converted into a successful online show. Sales continued until the show concluded at the close of 2021. We are continuing this series of “TREE” shows with the NTCC across the mid-state with the next event being April 7 to 10 at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center.

Lockeland Springs Park Fundraising Partnership

The Chestnuts have been working with the neighbors in this historic East Nashville neighborhood since fall of 2021 in their efforts to protect 4 acres of greenspace from being lost to development. We agreed to produce some paintings of the existing park adjacent to the parcel in jeopardy to raise donations. Plans are to combine any paintings from Lockeland Springs with the “Tree Exhibit” now set for the early April 2022 show/sale at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center. Learn more at Friends of Lockeland Springs.

ART SHOW: Speaking for the Trees & Lockeland Springs Park

APRIL 6-10, 2022 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center


We hope you’ll join us as we schedule PAINT OUTS at this Lockeland Springs location in early 2022.  

Painting Tips

This green space is unlike any of the spaces that we typically paint. The tornados brought in daylight that allowed undergrowth to take over the ground plane. Mowing now defines pathways among twisted limbs and downed tree trunks. This setting challenges our creative vision to frame dramatic moments and to find forms and lighting that capture a traumatized ecosystem in transition. The homes perched along the edges of the rocky basin add to the surreal effect of the place.  

We hope that you will join us to share in some team building and a chance to stretch your imagination with other Chestnuts. 

Lockeland Springs Park Master Plan

Overview of Lockeland Springs Park

Settled since the late 1700s, the neighborhood now hugs the edges of the limestone formation that gave rise to the clear, namesake springs. The historic waters on this rocky, now overgrown, site prompted Metro to preserve it as park space. A tornado in March of 2020 devastated the large trees for which it was known. 

During replanting efforts by the Nashville Tree Conservation Crops (NTCC), people realized that much of the “green wetland” people assumed was “park” was actually 4 acres of a privately owned, adjoining piece of property that was being marketed to residential developers. The parcel connects the tiny existing park to the golf course at Shelby Park – both Metro-owned.

The amazing news is that $800K has been privately raised which tripped Metro to donate matching funds to ensure that it stays green and moves under Nashville’s ownership. They are now forming a “Friends” group. Our involvement and the sale of art will help form an endowment for the operation of this park.