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Shelby Park & Bottoms Program and Paint Out Along Lake Sevier

We have a lot going on all at once – spring has sprung!  We are grateful for all the opportunities.

On the east side this Saturday, May 14, we have a program and paint out at Shelby Park.   The program will be given at 11:00am by nature center staff and will orient us on the features and places we may enjoy painting in Shelby Park & Bottoms as we prepare for the Shelby show next spring.  The program will be held at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center located at 1900 Davidson at the entrance of the Shelby Bottoms Greenway (see attached map).  It will last 30 to 45 minutes.  We will then make the short drive over to Lake Sevier’s Lakeside Shelter #2 where we have the picnic area reserved.  Bring a sack lunch and then we’ll paint for the afternoon.  We will head over to Urban Cowboy at 103 N. 16th Street for drinks and a critique afterward, at about 4:00pm.   Judson Newbern and Renee Bates will see you there.

Here’s the location of the picnic shelter, two ways:

#1 by map  https://maps.nashville.gov/NashvilleParksFinder/?parkFeatureID=418

#2 by map included below

There is a large parking area east of the picnic shelter, and a few parking places along the streetside.


Renee can be reached at 615-642-3007