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May 21 Paintout Details and Weather Alert

Chestnuts, we are looking forward to our 1st 15th anniversary event. Here are some details from the original post:

In celebration, we will have a special paintout that includes a delicious catered lunch, a surprise festivity + wine and cheese. So mark your calendar for May 21, 2016, from 9 am to 5 pm, join us at 5145 Bedford Creek Rd. at the Triple L Ranch.  

Please try to carpool. We don’t want so many cars that they block the things we want to paint!!!

This event is a unique opportunity to be with fellow members and to paint Bedford Creek for the CRC Farm to Fork fundraiser October 27th.

In case you do not have a GPS, here are some driving directions for Triple L.

  Driving Directions to Triple L Ranch

Please RSVP to Rachel Blair at chestnutnews2@gmail.com

We need to know if you ARE attending, not if you are not. Because it is catered, we need the exact number of attendees.Please pay attention to the rsvp (bring your lunch if you come and did not rsvp) and to carpooling!!

Now about the weather, the forecast posted today for Saturday the 21st is 40% chance for rain and no sun. The forecast posted today for Sunday the 22nd is 20% chance of rain and sunny and cloudy. We know this will change. So for now we go as planned on the 21st unless we see that Sunday would be better.

Rachel and Janice will make this call and send out an eblast. You can also call us to confirm our plans and to see who you might carpool with – Rachel (615) 504-7201   Janice (919)816-6767.