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Kim Barrick 2017 Workshops

Kim Barrick 2017 Workshops

Mastering Your Color Palette

April 6th Demo, April 7th & 8th Workshop

Join award winning artist, Kim Barrick for an intensive 2 1/2 day workshop on color mixing.  Color is central to the mood and feel of every painting.  Understanding the unlimited choices without becoming overwhelmed is key to crafting beautiful works of art.  Learn how to create sophisticated color from limited paint choices, simplify the mixing experience and utilize neutrals to give power to each painting.  Gain confidence while developing a unique personal palette.

Fearless Painting

July 21st & 22nd

Become the artist you aspire to be.  Taking risks is essential to developing a unique artistic voice.  This 2 day class is for any artist willing to make a commitment to become more-more skilled, more dynamic, more subtle, or more intentional. Students will experiment with color, composition and brushwork to strengthen their personal vision.  Prepare to be challenged, frustrated and delighted.  Award winning artist and writer Kim Barrick will lead participants through the exciting rewards of painting authentically.

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