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Kevin Menck Six Week Landscape Workshop

Artist, Kevin Menck, spends nearly every day outside painting the Tennessee landscape. He has learned first hand how to tackle painting nature in every season.  In this class, Kevin will share his experience and cover the fundamentals of landscape painting to give students a solid foundation when they step outside the studio and paint plein air.  Each week Kevin will highlight a concept to teach, such as values, composition and design, perspective in the landscape, and painting from your own photos.  

To register visit www.warehouse521.com or email jeanie at warehouse521@gmail.com

To learn more about Kevin, visit his website at www.kevinmenck.com.

Kevin Menck: 6 weeks

Monday Afternoons 1-4 pm:

The Fundamentals of Solid Landscape Painting:

January 25-February 29, 2016


Warehouse 521, 521 Heather Pl., Nashville, TN. 37204