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Dear Chestnuts,

We have been cultivating a partnership with the Friends of Franklin Parks (FOFP) organization for a while now, and we believe this partnership has the potential to continue beyond this year much like our relationship with Radnor Lake. Our FIRST SHOW with FOFP is November 10-13, 2022 – a mere six months away. The most successful partnerships with The Chestnut Group over the past twenty years have proven to have three important components in the organization’s makeup: Intriguing subject matter to paint, a large and engaged audience reach, and for that audience to have a proven propensity to attend an event and support the organization — and a BONUS is if they have an affinity for purchasing local artist artwork AND they have an event venue we can use rent free.  Friends of Franklin Parks has all this and more!

NOTE: To be clear, our next show on the calendar is June 24-26 at MBA — (not FOFP) However, for the MBA show you are allowed to submit any plein air paintings you have created of any middle Tennessee location. EXCEPTION: You may not submit a painting of Franklin Parks to this show, we ask that you save those to submit to the November FOFP show. For the MBA show, you are all welcomed to paint on their campus at any time — but we do not require you to have a painting of MBA to exhibit in the MBA show. The MBA show is designed to provide members a place and time to sell your paintings to an engaged audience in a very convenient location. More information to come on this event that will be here soon.

Ideally, our ART SHOW & SALE in November will include paintings of Franklin Parks that represent all four seasons. We encourage you to paint at any of these locations — and below we have a schedule of planned paint outs for members to attend. Before each paint out, the paint out leader will reach out to provide additional information through our members Facebook page. Here is a list of the parks we will be painting at our paint outs. (Notes from Brenda Coldwell, Show Chair) Questions? Contact Brenda

  • Jim Warner Park has multiple ball fields to the left, but on the right as you enter the park, there is a pond, trees, pavilion, benches, and fields.
  • Pinkerton Park has a connector trail to Fort Granger Park (0.3 miles). There is a rusted iron bridge that goes over the river, open fields, playground, shelter and beautiful tree specimens. You can’t really walk down to the river, but there is a view from the bridge and you could paint there.
  • Fort Granger Park has trails, woods, interesting topography.
  • Carters Hill Park and Assault On the Cotton Gin has a small open field with cannons and a wooden fence. I could not see any parking, so you would have to find parking a walk. There are trees as well.
  • The Park At Harlinsdale Farm is awesome…the crown jewel of painting parks here in Franklin. Fields, barns, trees, house, ponds, great parking, etc.
  • Winstead Hill Park has beautiful trees, fields, and trails. There is an overlook to the left at the Confederate Memorial. There is parking and a restroom.


BEFORE EACH PLANNED PAINT OUT, PLEASE CHECK THE MEMBER FB PAGE FOR CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER. Paint Out Painting times: 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. unless noted otherwise.


Saturday, May 14 – https://chestnutgroup.org/event-page/caws-watercolor-demo-in-franklin/ THIS FIRST PAINTOUT IS A CAWS WORKSHOP LED BY TODD SAAL, more information coming over the weekend. Click link to sign up for a great morning of demo and instruction (whether you use watercolor or oils or acrylic) at Fort Granger Park (405 Murfreesboro Rd) and an optional afternoon of painting together. (9 a.m. to 12 p.m. – please bring water and a sack lunch if you choose to stay for the afternoon)

Saturday, May 28 – Fort Granger & Pinkerton: The Park At Harlinsdale Farm,  239 Franklin Rd


Monday, June 13 – Winstead Hill Park 4023 Columbia Pike

Wednesday, June 29 – The Park At Harlinsdale Farm,  239 Franklin Rd


Monday, July 18 – Jim Warren Park, 705 Boyd Mill Avenue


Friday, August 5 – The Park At Harlinsdale Farm,  239 Franklin Rd

Sunday, August 14 –  Fort Granger & Pinkerton: Granger 308 Eddy Lane, Pinkerton-405 Murfreesboro Rd


Wednesday, September 14 – Carters Hill Park and Assault On The Cotton Gin, 1259 Columbia Ave.


Friday, October 14 – The Park At Harlinsdale Farm, 239 Franklin Rd



There will be a limit of six paintings per person for the FOFP show. (FACT SHEET COMING SOON)

1 Mini – less than 8×10

3 Medium – 8×10 up to 16×20

2 Large – larger than 16×20 up to 30×40

EXAMPLES of painting submissions:  1 mini, 3 medium, 2 large; OR 6 mediums; OR 4 mediums, 2 large.


Featured image “Harlinsdale House” by Ellen Parker Bibb