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*Email spam warning*

Hello members!

Many of our members have received emails from other members or others in the art community containing links to websites. Usually these emails say something like “check this out” or “information for you” or something along those lines.   If the email does not address a topic specifically or sound like it is a personal email, DO NOT click the link embedded in these emails.  Immediately delete the email.  Do not reply to the email.  Opening the link in these emails will trigger hacked emails coming from your account sent to others in  your address book. In many cases, replying to the email will also cause troubles too.  Just delete the email.

It may then be wise to begin a new email and let the person know that you received a suspicious email from them so that they can be aware.   – again, do not reply to the suspicious email.

If you have unknowingly clicked a suspicious link, please immediately change your email password.  I believe that this will help stop the cycle if it has been started.

If you have questions, feel free to ask – fosshouse@comcast.net – (please do not forward an email – if you can do a screen shot, that’s safer! )


Here’s to hoping your computers are staying junk free!

Tiffany Foss and the media team