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Deadline, Wednesday, October 27th at Midnight

Paintings for the “Love the Lake, Love the Land” art show at Radnor Lake will be accepted until midnight Wednesday, October 27th.

Here are some important reminders:

  • 5 painting limit – only 1 of 5 may be mini (less than 80sqin), only 1 of 5 may be large (greater than 320sqin)
  • 4 painting option – 2 of 4 may be large (greater than 320sqin), only 1 of remaining 2 may be mini (less than 80sqin)
  • No limit to donated paintings – 100% of the proceeds go to Radnor Lake
  • Subject matter must be from Radnor Lake or wildlife indigenous to the park
  • Framing
    • Gallery-wrapped canvas are not acceptable
    • Low quality, damaged frames are not acceptable
    • Floater frames are acceptable
    • Plein air style frames are recommended
    • Show chairs reserve the right to ask unacceptable frames to be re-framed
  • Hanging tags must be affixed to the painting
    • https://chestnutgroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/PaintToPreserve-Hanging-Tag.pdf
    • Fill out two tags per painting
      • One copy is to be taped to the back of the paintings
      • One copy is to be attached to a ribbon and tied to the hanging wire so it can be flipped to the front of the painting when hung on the wall
    • Each painting must be wired for hanging, saw-tooth style hangers are unacceptable
    • Jpg images are to be submitted if you wish to participate in the virtual sale, November 15th-30th
    • Price paintings accordingly – sales breakdown – 45% to artist, 45% to Radnor, 10% to Chestnut Group
  • Promote your Radnor paintings to your friends, family, and followers on your social media channels using this template. Please help us spread the word and get people to the show!

We can’t wait to see your paintings!

Thank you for participating and promoting the show!

Donna Brumbergs and Brigitte Hubbard
Radnor Show co-chairs