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2021 Radnor Art Show & Sale – Show Recap

Dear Chestnut members,


The success of a Chestnut art show is simply not possible without our volunteers. We would like to share our gratitude and issue a special thank you to everyone who contributed to this wildly successful, record-breaking show.


Total sales: $75,120, 45% to Radnor, 45% to artists, 10% to Chestnuts. We had a total of 203 painting entries from 62 artists, and we sold 138 paintings, 16 of which were donated with 100% of those proceeds going directly to Radnor Lake.


This show set the record for total sales of any Chestnut show in its history. The quality of the work was exceptional, and many visitors and artists alike were overheard commenting on it being the best display of art they’ve seen. Thank you to every artist and for every painting you submitted! It is very brave to display the pieces of yourself that go into these paintings, and it’s especially disheartening if they didn’t go home with someone this time. Please know that we appreciate you!!!


Chestnut founder Kim Barrick is very passionate about Radnor Lake, and was able to offer a valuable perspective for both the Friends of Radnor Lake (FORL), and the Chestnuts. She was a key advisor offering endless support and guidance. Thank you, Kim, for generously giving your valuable time and talents.


As treasurer, Margaret Cameron brought her expertise and calm demeanor into the mix which was vital to the show’s success. She tracked and organized the financials, spending countless hours managing the details. Thank you for being reliable where it was needed the most!


FORL director Tina Corkum provided leadership that never wavered. Her calmness under pressure was contagious and the team was solid with her in charge. FORL is lucky to have her. Thank you for being the trusted partner we can count on for many more years going forward.


Suzannah Green is the new Chestnut managing consultant. She brings experience and competence to the group, and her behind the scenes leadership was key to the show’s success. She led the marketing team for both partners, strategizing our presence on all social media outlets and securing event recognition in StyleBlueprint and other media channels. Thank you for being the consummate professional, and a complete joy to work with.


Ellen Parker Bibb and Jess Peoples took on the Chestnut marketing responsibilities for the show, and will manage the online show that will run November 15-30. They assisted with the selection of images used in advertising and social promotion, and attended meetings coordinating the marketing efforts. Thank you for the many hours spent managing our social media accounts, and for organizing the virtual show on our behalf.


Ed Routon is loyal beyond measure. In addition to helping install and take down the show, he was our mentor throughout the year. He offered guidance and a sympathetic ear whenever necessary. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


As the president of the Chestnuts, Karen Philpott represented us with style and grace. Throughout the year preparing for the show, Karen was the calm and steady voice leading us along. During the 8-day period from the show’s setup to breakdown, she was onsite everyday with encouraging moral support and guidance. Thank you for being the constant, stable, reliable, and valued partner with the best sense of humor!


Steve Ward and the park staff were professional, supportive, and welcoming to the Chestnuts. Steve and crew led informative aviary tours and provided after hours assistance for our full moon paintout. The rangers’ sheer enthusiasm of the park was awe-inspiring. Thank you for your continued support and partnership for many more years to come.


Some of the best patrons in Nashville are Radnor Lake patrons. They too are passionate about the park and it shows. Their support, kind words, and heartfelt appreciation of the artists’ work was revealed once again in the show’s success.


An event like this one only happens with the help of each and every volunteer. We had all 53 volunteer slots filled weeks before the show. A huge thank you goes out to this special group – Ed Routon, Gayle Levée, Dale Finley, Duane Jones, Betsy Burrus, Trisha Schuld, Diane Bay, David Ward, Judson Newbern, Geri Franske, Margaret Cameron, Suzanne LeBeau, Anne Goetze, Tiffany Foss, Kim Barrick, Mary Margaret Peel, Kathryne Burks, Carol DeMumbrum, Bitsy King, Lisa Fallon, Marie Maxwell, Barbara Gronefeld, Barbara Watson, Elaine Allen, Cynthia Storrs, Lou Hoover, Lee Ann Burney, Susan Geraghty, JoEllen Thatcher, Cathy Brooks-Fincher, Kathleen Sparkman, Renee Bates, Terry Warren, Melody and Jim Hall, and Mike Sowers.


It has been a real pleasure serving as co-chairs with such wonderful and passionate group of people!


Donna and Brigitte


Donna Brumbergs and Brigitte Hubbard
2021 Radnor Art Show & Sale Co-Chairs