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Harpeth River Watershed title block info and final paintout

Scenes of the Harpeth
Harpeth River Watershed Show
August 18, 19, and 20th ,2016
The Factory at Franklin


August 3, midnight is the deadline for submitting your painting’s title block information for the Harpeth River Watershed Association “Scenes of the Harpeth” Show.
Click on this link and an entry form will open: Scenes of the Harpeth Title Block Submission:  TITLE BLOCK SUBMISSIONS LINK.  Fill in the form completely, carefully proof the information you have entered, and then click Submit. Your pricing is the “artist assigned price”.  The Chestnut Resources page has a general pricing guide though it is just a guide.  If you do not feel comfortable with these prices, feel free to submit what seems right for you.
Pricing Guide for Chestnut Shows
After you click Submit, you will be prompted to Submit Another Response. If you have an additional painting to submit, click and repeat the form completion process again. Repeat these steps for each additional painting you have for the show. And that’s all there is to it!

SUBMIT IMAGES of Your Show Paintings
Please, continue to send images along with your name and a short (2-sentence) bio for HRWA’s social marketing for the show. Submit to Tiffany fosshouse@comcast.net. cc: reneebatesartist@gmail.com.

For those who came to the Welton/Noel “Falling Waters” paint out, the owner requests a photograph of your work, so that they will know if they want to purchase it, in case they are out of town during the show.   Please email to: reneebatesartist@gmail.com

Monday evening, August 1, 5pm-8pm, Harpeth Westover Farm, The Dobson’s, 2020 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, TN  37069 (be sure and use zip code in routing) Feel free to bring a sack supper. Subjects: Harpeth River, covered patio and picnic area beside the river, log out buildings, ponds, birds, cows, home, gardens, vista from north hill, horses, and Pegasus, the miniature white mule.
Special instructions: park in front of house or down at the river behind. Restrooms will be available in the house, hallway inside the door just off the carport, on the right.  Watch for cows.  Artists are welcome to roam but if you open a closed gate be sure and close it behind you

Thanks to so many of you for volunteering your time.  We could not do this without your involvement. We have nine spots left to volunteer for helping with the show ranging from sales, to taking down paintings to loading out.

Thank you for being a part of The Chestnut Group show, “Scenes of the Harpeth.”


Renee Bates and Laura Shepard
Co-Chairs, Scenes of the Harpeth