Cummins Falls

Profile: Amanda N Giddens

Participated in: Plein Air Painters of the Southeast (PAP-SE) in Port Saint Joe, FL for hurricane relief fundraiser. Donated art and proceeds to the Pet Community Center, B+ Foundation, FMWR and March of Dimes. Contest winner of It’s My Derby for hand sculpted hat, on display at Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville, KY. Affiliations: American Impressionist Society, Inc., The Chestnut Group, Channel to Channel life drawing, Warehouse 521 creative studio painting and air painting with the Clarksville Plein Air Group. Art exhibition in 2019 at the Downtown Artists Co-op in Clarksville, TN promoting shelter pet adoption. Exhibited in Mcclure Gallery alongside of artist Ivy Hayes and featured on the cover of WILMA Magazine for women in NC.
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