Terry Warren

@: terrywwarren@icloud.com
Website: http://terrywwarren.fineartstudioonline.com


My artistic career grew out of a desire to present a drawing to a long time friend and business mentor of his San Francisco Nob Hill home.   Living in Sydney at the time, I enrolled in Jean Poole’s pencil drawing class.  A few lessons later, I was hooked on art for life.  For me, painting and drawing provide a great sense of satisfaction, an escape from the day to day pressures of my business career and a real sense of accomplishment.  Without the opportunity for formal art education, I pursued my interest through informal classes, workshops, books and self-teaching.

I work principally from reference photos and memory to develop my style of realism. I am a member of the Chestnut Group of plein air artists as well. A piece has achieved the realism I seek when a viewer says they can imagine themselves in the picture.  To accomplish this, paintings must have depth, which is achieved through the application of many layers of color.  I start with a detailed pencil drawing, transfer this to paper or canvas, create an under painting; and gradually build up the layers.

I primarily paint in oils or acrylics for landscapes and large paintings.   Portraits are usually in colored pencil, while homes and buildings are either in colored pencil, graphite or ink and watercolor pencil.