Kevin Menck


My artistic journey began as a graphic designer and then a self-employed illustrator for the past 16 years. In 2003 I slowly started to gravitate to fine art, specifically landscape painting from life, en plein air. It has been a gradual process of aquiring as much knowledge as I can and paint, paint, paint. Another significant factor that has enhanced my ability as a landscape painter is the hours I have spent afield and the deep love of land that I have developed over the years. I have been an outdoorsman since I was a child and I am not sure if I do this because of my love of art or love of the outdoors but I think they have become one and the same for me. When you look at my work I hope you will see the love and appreciation I have for both.

Kevin is a member and president of The Cumberland Society, Plein Air Painters of the Southeast, and Oil Painters of America. His work is featured in several galleries across the U.S.

To keep up to date with Kevin’s workshops and painting adventures, visit: Kevin Menck’s Blog. You can also find his Facebook page at: Kevin Menck Fine Art.