Anne Goetze





There is a physical and mental connection we have to nature. Unseen, but deeply affected, lies the spiritual connection….where Anne Goetze believes “The heart beats with the pulse of creation. It is in that realm where I am inspired… igniting a desire to paint from life, to photograph life… to experience and embrace the gift of life.”

Anne Goetze has documented a certain pocket of middle Tennessee, Leiper’s Fork, for over fifteen years with her paintings and photographs. The radius of her beloved country has become smaller as suburban sprawl is now in full swing. Like her artistic mentor Dorothea Lange, who documented the farms and people of the Depression Era, Goetze also starts her work as an assignment and develops a series of visual images. As land continues to disappear she feels an urgency to preserve it. “We are all called to be good stewards of the land. It demands our respect and care. We are all dependent on it… mankind is a species also, and therefore it is the land that governs our sustenance.”

Whether it is abroad or inspirations from home, her images transform into passionate artistic statements. Influenced by the Impressionists, she works in oil preferring plein air. She also combines B/W photography and painting using an old technique and concept, all the while going after the fleeting moments of time and participating in the unique effects of the world environment.