Kymberlee Stanley


I began my painting journey, for the second time, at age forty-five, when I moved to Nashville from San Fransisco in 2004. I began college as an art major in Southern California at age 19, but did not have to courage to continue when I transferred to a large university with an impacted art program. For over 20 years I was a teacher, school counselor and social worker in private practice doing expressive arts with children and adults. My original box of oil painting supplies moved with me all over California without being touched for over 20 years until my husband gently nudged, “why don’t you take a class?”.  I opened the box and enrolled in a senior oil painting class at Cohn Learning Center, and then was launched into my first solo art show opportunity at the Village Chapel Church in Nashville. Over the last 7 years I have taken over 10 workshops from California artists, and Chestnut group artists such as Lori Putnam, Kim Barrick, Dawn Whitelaw and Anne Blair Brown. I travel to Laguna Beach, California annually to paint the coastline and see friends and family, and then return to Nashville to paint in my home studio from images of the coast and Nashville. I enjoy finding intense color, contrasting light, and serenity in plein air work that brings therapy to the soul. Some of my favorite images are from water reflections, lily ponds, and koi fish as they gracefully move…and palette is often full of red, purple and blue. I am truly enjoying the incredible journey that The Chestnut provides to learn and support one another. You can learn more about my work at or follow me on Instagram as Lagunatic5.

“Floating at Dawn”

“Edwin Warner Garden”

“Richland Creek Reflections”

“Sycamore Refections”

“Waterlilies in my Pond”

“Porch Surprises”

“Canyon Koi”


Close up of “Launching”