Jeanie Smith


Growing up I loved the outdoors, animals, baking and drawing. My specialties were cartoons and bowls of fruit.  I took art lessons in elementary and middle school, then became distracted with all that High School offers and focused my time on cross country running and learning about nutrition. I majored in nutrition in college and became a Registered Dietitian specializing in pediatrics.  After I married, my husband and I started a small restaurant and coffee shop where I became the chief baker and spent the next 12 years learning the art of cake and cookie decorating.  It seemed like a conflict of interest to be a dietitian and cake decorator, but it provided such a creative outlet for me and I loved it.  I am a mom to 3 boys and after my youngest son started kindergarten in 2008, I took a folk art class on a whim and it unlocked all that had been hidden inside of me since HS and I’ve been an avid student of oil painting ever since.  Now I can just paint the sweets instead of eating them which has been a great compromise of my creative interests!  Painting plein-air has been a new challenge which I enjoy, especially neighborhood and street scenes.  I love the process of learning and have had the opportunity to study with some amazing artists within the Chestnut Group.  Other favorite artists and teachers I’ve studied with are Peggi Kroll Roberts, Carol Marine, Tim Horn, Jeanne Mackenzie, and Nancy Franke.    I am a member of Women Painters of the Southeast and my goal is to enjoy each day and paint as much as I can to continue to grow as an artist.