Jane M. Burrus

@: jmbart1214@gmail.com

Jane Burrus-Artist Statement

Jane Burrus grew up in Memphis, where her love of art began as a teenager at the Memphis Art Academy. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.A. in journalism and from the University of Memphis with a M.A. in radio and television. Jane continued to take painting classes after college, in addition to a full-time career as an on-air radio personality at WHER and later a television news producer at WHBQ-TV. After raising two sons, she began a more serious development of her artistic creativity under regional artist Charles Brindley at Cheekwood. Jane says because daily living often seems chaotic, she uses painting to bring order and control back into her life. Painting landscapes and still lifes forces Jane to stop the roar of life’s engines and take notice of the details. Making a physical connection with the outdoors gives her a sense of freedom and control as she tries to interpret and capture nature on canvas. Jane is a member of the Chestnut Group and paints full-time at her home studio. She lives with her husband, Swan, in Nashville, and can be reached at 377-9419.