Holly Chapman

@: hac1@comcast.net
Website: http://hollychapmanfineart.com

As a young girl, Holly took art lessons for a short time, long enough to expose her to the desire to create something that moves another & draws them in. She later began her career in a different artistic field as a makeup artist & hair designer after moving to Nashville in the late 1980’s.

After years of working her way to success in her career, Holly gradually realized her love of art again & began painting a few years ago. She became amazed with the way different  artistic mediums can inform each other & expand growth as an artist in each. In her short time of painting she has studied with Casey Baugh, Stapleton Kearns, & C W Mundy to name a few.

When Holly began painting, it was out of needing a creative outlet that was her “artistic voice”. She quickly became serious about growing as a painter.  She loves the process & challenges of plein aire & the benefits it brings to the learning process. The most honest, emotional painting comes from life. She strives for emotion in her work, not just rendering, whether it be still life, landscapes, or street scenes. She believes there is a spirituality in creating anything, revealing the connection to our Creator.

Holly paints regularly in her studio in Franklin & enjoys painting in plein aire locally & traveling to new locations with new  inspirations. She was accepted into the prestigious Women Painters of the Southeast in 2012 and exhibited in several shows including juried shows.  She serves on the marketing committee of The Chestnut Group.