Frank May


Frank May is an oil painter of representational sensibility whose work reflects his careful attention to structure, detail, movement, and light to create a unified whole. Having studied and practiced architecture, Mr. May is ever mindful of how we as humans exist in space, and by extension, how the viewer exists in relationship to the world of his paintings.

Preferring the immediacy of painting from life, Mr. May works en plein air and alla prima whenever possible. He paints landscapes, still life, and portraits, attempting to maintain an “in the moment” attitude no matter what the genre. He travels to experience varied landscapes and studies with a variety of artists in order to further his skill and vision as a painter.

Mr. May is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America, a member of the Portrait Society of America, and a member of the Chestnut Group, plein air painters for the land. He has taught at the Cheekwood Art Center in Nashville and periodically instructs small groups of painters at his studio.