Frank Baggett


Frank Baggett is a Tennessean born July 11, 1956 and a nationally acclaimed Landscape and Wildlife artist with over 34 years experience.  With a major in art during his high school years and a scholarship to Austin Peay State University, Frank opted to join the United States Air Force and continued to paint during his tour at Norton AFB in San Bernadino, California. Painting had become a passion for Frank, and after discharge from the USAF his Impressionistic style was refined, and became his trademark for many of his works that are now displayed in many art galleries both in the United States, and Internationally. Frank has many mentors which include Robert Wood, and Winslow Homer.

Artist’s Comments:
“All of my life I have had the pleasure to hunt, fish, see a sunrise, and enjoy nature’s wonders of the world that I live in. I wish very much for my children’s children to have the same pleasures from life as I have. The only way this will happen is for us to have concern for preserving what is before us now. Life is a gift, please do not take it for granted.  Painting is the way for me to show what I have witnessed, experienced, and dreamed during my life. To me a blank canvas already has a story to tell, all I have to do is explain it by painting on it. Art is in every individual’s life, please take the time to sit down and watch a sunset, because a sunset is “hand painted”…. right from God’s own easel.