Amanda Sites



Born on an Alaskan air force base, raised in Miami, FL flying from one part of the country to another was normal.  Today, I travel with my husband to beautiful, wild places where he films outdoor adventures for his tv show, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites. He hunts and fishes while I get to explore and paint. It’s a perfect platform for plein air painting. Filming shows from New Zealand to Canada, from the Amazon jungle to the French Alps, California to Maine, and most recently Colorado, and Wyoming there is an endless array of diverse environments arranged in beautiful patterns and forms.

Portraits &  Plein Air.

Fascinated by the play of light on faces and figures, swaying trees, changing colors in the sky, and reflections on water. I am filled with joy as I observe this magnificent creation, the diverse world, of which I am a part. I can see the Creator’s touch in everything. My style of painting is characterized by a liveliness of movement throughout the painting, clean pure colors, bold loose strokes, loosely classified as contemporary realistic impressionism as a product of my love for painting en plein air.  I strive to capture the spirit and movement of a place or person, feeling the thrill of the challenge.

One of my favorite things to do is encouraging people to paint and see the world through a new lens.  Joining with Angela Powers of has provided opportunities to take people to beautiful places like the French Riviera and Tuscany to refresh their creative spirit.  Joining the active board of the Chestnut Group I’m excited about educating our community to the awareness of what plein air painting can do for our communities and providing opportunities for young and old to give it a try! I live in Hendersonville with my husband and 3 dogs.